Yao Zhang

Yao Zhang, CalArts

Yao Zhang is a scenic designer, director, performer and the co-founder of Noodlerice Performance and Film Collective. Yao has been a film maker since 2006, she studied and worked as sound designer, production designer and stop-motion animator in Beijing Film Academy. Yao gained her master’s degree in Scenic Design and Integrated Media in California Institute of the Arts, where she worked as a scenic designer, writer/director and performer. Yao co-founded Noodlerice Collective with Liang Guo(director/cinematographer) in 2009, and their work My Favorite Food was developed and performed in Watermill Center in 2013 under the artistic direction of Robert Wilson.

As a stage designer, Yao worked on new plays and devised works including Touch of the Others(2015) directed by Takao Kawaguchi, Another Troy(2015) directed by Dan Bonnell, There Be Dragons(2014) directed by Zoe Aja Moore and Things Go Bump into the Night(2013) by Katy Alexander.

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