Mark Kanieff

Mark Kanieff, CalArts

Mark Kanieff is a Set Designer and Sculptor. He has designed for several productions at CalArts, including Anne Frank, When Spring Comes to the Hills and Dales, Government Inspector, and the dance pieces Ways of Forgetting and Earthly Dreams. He has also designed for a number of productions in Rome, Italy, where he worked for 20 years in the field of Epidemiology and Biostatistics. He earned his BFA in Sculpture from Carnegie-Mellon University. His most recent sculptures and installations focus on plodding. He has also been developing works about the violence inherent to the construction/deconstruction of machines of mass communication as tools of unification.

Government Inspector | Mark Kanieff

Government Inspector, Directed by Rachel Park

When Spring Comes to the Hills and Dales | Mark Kanieff

When Spring Comes to the Hills and Dales, Directed by Yong Suk Yoo

Earthly Dreams | Mark Kanieff

Earthly Dreams, Choreography by Yinuo Song

Untitled (detail), collage | Mark Kanieff

Untitled (detail), collage