Kimie Nishikawa

Kimie Nishikawa, NYU/Tisch

Kimie Nishikawa is a Manhattan based scenic designer born in Osaka, Japan. She immediately moved to the United States with her family at the age of 2, moving around the east coast and growing up there until the age of 12.

After graduating from Sophia University (Tokyo, Japan) with a degree in the English Language, she pursued a career in theater with the help of odd jobs, eventually finding her way back to the US.

Tokyo credits include The Emerald City (Theater Moliere), Eight Dog Chronicles (Ebisu Eco Theater) and Sweet Feelings (Sunmall Studio)

New York City credits include Plenty (NYU Grad Acting) The Fox (Gene Frankel Theater) The Beaux Stratagem (NYU Grad Acting) and The Cherry OrchardĀ (Columbia Stages,Horace Mann Theater)

M.F.A. 2015 Tisch School of the Arts, Design for Stage and Film

The Fox | Kimie Nishikawa

Title: The Fox
Written by Allan Miller
Directed by Jordan Dann
Venue: Gene Frankel Theater

Plenty | Kimie Nishikawa

Title: Plenty
Written by David Hare
Directed by Ken Rus Schmoll
Venue: NYU Fifth Floor Theater

The Cherry Orchard | Kimie Nishikawa

Title: The Cherry Orchard
Written by Anton Chekhov
Directed by Peter Petkovsek
Venue: Columbia University Horace Mann Theater


The Beaux Stratagem | Kimie Nishikawa

Title: The Beaux Stratagem
Written by George Farquhar
Directed by Mark Wing-Davey
Venue: NYU Shubert Theater