Joey Moro

Joey Moro, Yale School of Drama

Joey has grown up with performance, theatre, art, design, and technology around him for his whole life.  This immersive upbringing leads him to work tirelessly on a wide range of projects, from theatrical drama, to engaging spectacle.

He is a serious photographer, more recently focusing on production photography and video work. As a passionate lighting designer, and fierce collaborator, he enjoys working cross disciplinarily on multiple aspects of design, art, fabrication, and special effects. If he ever found a free moment, he would go skiing or sailing.

Joey holds a BA Cum Laude in Theatre Arts from Cornell University where he also studied Classics and Physics.  Recent work at Yale School of Drama includes: Danai Gurira’s Familiar, (Yale Rep,) Clifford Odets’ Paradise Lost, and a striking adaptation of JM Barrie’s Peter Pan.  He has also designed over 20 productions at the Yale Cabaret.

Peter Pan | Joey Moro

Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie, Adapted and Directed by Dustin Wills. Lighting Design: Joey Moro. Scenic Design: Mariana Sanchez Hernadez. Costume Design: Grier Coleman. Photo by T. Charles Erickson. Yale School of Drama, 2013

Yale School of Drag| Joey Moro

Yale School of Drag. Production Design: Joey Moro. Associate Lighting Design Design: Andrew Griffin. Photo by Chris Thompson. Yale Cabaret, 2015.

Touch by Toni Press-Coffman | Joey Moro

Touch by Toni Press-Coffman, Directed by Elijah Martinez. Lighting and Projection Design: Joey Moro. Scenic Design: Izmir Ickbal. Costume Design: Grier Coleman. Photo by Joey Moro. Yale Cabaret, 2014.

Familiar | Joey Moro

Familiar by Danai Gurira, Directed by Rebecca Taichman. Lighting Design: Joey Moro. Scenic Design: Matt Saunders. Costume Design: Toni-Leslie James. Photo by Joan Marcus. Yale Repertory Theatre, 2015.