Francesca Marciano

Francesca Marciano, CalArts

Francesca Marciano is a writer, director and production designer.

Francesca has designed over 40 films, including 8 time award-winning “Blackout” directed by Alana Walksman, 3 time award-winning “The Night Guardian” written and directed by Brian Ott, “Limbo” written and directed by Fangso Liu featuring John H. Benjamin and Natasha Leggero, “Luna” directed by Abi Corbin and overseen by executives at Universal Studios, and “F*ck” directed by Erica Ortiz, winner of the Rabbit Bandini Studio 4 competition.

Francesca has begun writing and directing her own films while still heading the art department. Her first film “EMILY” will be released and submitted to worldwide festivals this summer. She will shoot her next film “L.O.V.E.” in early summer.

Prior to working in film, Francesca was a stylist for Genlux Magazine. Francesca also worked as a junior designer at Gensler where she ran the samples department and worked primarily in hospitality and commercial entertainment.

Francesca continues her work in film in Los Angeles.

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